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This website owned by HOLA NEPAL, S.L. , located on Lepanto, 323. 08025 Barcelona. The use of the contents of the site and the request for information or reservations or orders by the user implies the following conditions:

All the rights of this denomination are protected and reserved. As a consequence, it is absolutely prohibited to reproduce, totally or partially, even quoting the source, any of its contents.

The infringement will be prosecuted under civil and criminal procedure, with the obligation to payment of damages.

HOLA NEPAL, S.L. does not accept any responsibility for the infringements caused by any user against these protected rights or to any of the rights protected by the Laws of Intellectual Property, Civil Protection of Right to Honour, Personal and Familiar Intimacy, Brands law, General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, Law of Unfair Competition or Law of General Contracting Conditions, among others.

HOLA NEPAL, S.L. has as well no responsibility for the information that the user or any third part provides to this website, or for the damages it may cause to other users. As a consequence, this website has the right to reject and even to remove any information that might attempt against the before-mentioned legal conditions or any other, including morals and the established customs.

HOLA NEPAL, S.L. will not be responsible for the errors that may occur in the communications, including the deleting, the incomplete transmission or the possible delays it may produce. TRAMA does not guarantee that the transmission net will be operative at any moment. TRAMA will not be held responsible if a third part, violating the security measures established by HOLA NEPAL, S.L., gains access to the messages or uses them for transmitting virus.

HOLA NEPAL, S.L. does not guarantee the legitimacy, reliability and usefulness of the contents nor their veracity or accuracy. It does not offer or commercialize the products and services available on the linked web sites and does not assume any responsibilities for such products and services.

HOLA NEPAL, S.L. does not control the users’ use of the site and does not guarantee that they use it in a way that respects the before-mentioned general conditions.

Users accept that by clicking on the links that redirect them to the web sites of third companies, they are no longer at this website, and so exonerate TRAMA from any responsibility or damage in the dealing with the third companies.

HOLA NEPAL, S.L. does not contract in any case with the user but acts as an intermediary between user and third companies –which comes from the nature of Internet and its services. The information about these services publishes in the web site is advertising and there is no contractual offer involving TRAMA.

HOLA NEPAL, S.L. assumes no responsibilities for the products sold or the services offered by the companies, or the correct fulfilment of such services. HOLA NEPAL, S.L. cannot control and so is not responsible for the fulfilment of the legal obligations of the partner companies.

As a consequence of the registration at the web site owned by HOLA NEPAL, S.L., the user accepts that the personal data provided to HOLA NEPAL, S.L. can be included in a file and can be used with commercial aims to make statistics, to send advertising, offers and promotions, to make contests or to administer the service and deal with problems, unless he/she sends his/her disagreement by written request to the address detailed below.

The files created will be owned by HOLA NEPAL, S.L. The owner of the data will have the right of access, change, cancellation and objection at any time by written request to Lepanto, 323. 08025 Barcelona

HOLA NEPAL, S.L. has taken all the security measures for the protection of personal data provided by the user. However, HOLA NEPAL, S.L. cannot guarantee the absolute invulnerability of its security systems, nor the safety and inviolability of such data in the process of transmission through the net.

HOLA NEPAL, S.L. has the right to make, without notice, any amendments on the web sites and so can change, remove or add the contents and services offered through the sites and the way they are shown.